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Apple Juice Avocado Bananas BN Brownies Chicken Cordon Bleu Chicken Mc Nuggets Chocolat blanc Coca Cola Cookies Cookies chocolate Corn Crabsticks Crackers Crępes Daim Eclair au chocolat Eggs Evian Fanta Ferrero Rocher Filipino foods French toast Gummy bears Haagendazs Honey Kinder Kinder Bueno Lettuce Lychees M&Ms Peanut Magnum Mangue McDonalds - Big Mac McDonalds - French fries McDonalds - Mc Chicken McDonalds - Mc Flurry McDonalds - Sunday Meringue Mousses au chocolat Muffins Muffins chocolate Nutella Pain au chocolat Peanut butter Pizza Hut Popcorn Rice Sandwich Sausage Snickers Spring Roll Sprite Steak

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